First Date Red Flags: 8 Signs You Shouldn’t Go on a Second Date

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First Date Red Flags: 8 Signs You Shouldn't Go on a Second Date
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Searched for “first date red flags” or “dating red flags”? If so, lemme tell you that you are at the right place! Read on to learn to identify warning signs early on….. 

Have you recently made a first date? Well- Congratulations! But, have you noticed anything suspicious on your first date that makes you doubt on your choice? Maybe it could be a red flag, or it may not. Let’s find out! 

Undoubtedly, first dates are always exciting, but how do you know if this person is trustworthy? Will he/she be loyal? In simple words, the first date also serves as a crucial opportunity to evaluate compatibility and spot potential issues early on. While everyone has moments of nervousness and awkwardness, certain behaviors can indicate signs you shouldn’t go on a second date.  

Warning Signs Ahead! Remember, the first date is just the beginning... but it's crucial to recognize the first date red flags! So, pause and take a moment... No, no, no, no, NOOOO!...

If you are wondering about these queries, this article will explain some indicators of dating red flags. Upon reading further, you will learn ten red flags suggesting you should think twice before agreeing to a second one.

Let’s begin! 


The First Date is Just the Beginning:-

first date red flags

A first date is an initial meeting, a start to getting to know each other. The real relationship takes shape afterward. However, if someone exhibits certain signs during the first meeting, it’s best to avoid a second date. 

The famous life coach Charles Godwin, in his book “Dating Etiquette and Manners,” says that just as there are red flags in relationships, there are dating red flags as well. So it could be a better option to figure out those first date red flags before it makes you feel hurt or heart-broken later.  

So, what are these red flags that can signal, that you should not go for the second date? For starters, a lack of communication, poor listening skills, and an inability to engage in meaningful conversations are all warning signs that a person may not be interested in getting to know you. Also, being overly critical or dismissive can be a sign that a person is unwilling to work through challenges and conflicts appropriately.


It’s also essential to pay attention to the body language of your date. If your partner is avoiding eye contact or displaying other signs of discomfort, dishonesty, or disinterest. Then, it’s a clear indication that they are not genuinely interested in you and it’s one of the dating red flags.


8 First date red flags: What you must know?

8 red flags

Here are the 8 real first date red flags that can be identified in just one single date. 

1. Disrespectful behavior:

Respect is fundamental in any relationship or a person’s behavior; if you find rudeness and lack of consideration in someone’s behavior on a first meeting, then it could be one of the dating red flags. If your date is rude to you, the waiter staff, or anyone else, it’s a major red flag. Disrespect can take many forms, such as interrupting you or generally being inconsiderate. This behavior often indicates a lack of empathy and poor interpersonal skills, which can lead to significant issues in the long run.

Signs to Watch For:

  • Interrupting you frequently.
  • Making demeaning comments
  • Being rude to the service staff or anyone else. 

2. Arriving Late Without Notice

Being late can happen to anyone, as we all know that there could be any sudden important task, an illness, a minor accident, or a known crisis. There could be multiple valid reasons for being late. However, what is not a good thing is making someone wait without informing them, especially in the age of mobile phones. How long does it take to make a call or send a message informing them about the delay?

If someone does not inform you on your first date with him/her and makes you wait for a long, it reflects irresponsible behavior. So, if someone arrives late on the first date without informing you and makes you wait for a long time, it’s one of fifirst date red flags

3. Continuously Scrolling Their Phone:

When you are on a date, having a deep conversation, and sharing your experiences or work seriously, but the other person starts checking their phone or messaging someone, it’s a red flag. Unless it’s an emergency, this behavior shows a lack of interest. Your time and attention are valuable. Don’t waste them on someone who doesn’t equally reciprocate. Give your time and attention to someone who does the same for you.

4. Talking about themselves only:

During a date, if your partner only talks about themselves, then it could also be one of major dating red flags sign. It can be identified by focusing on if they only discuss their issues, let you know about their achievements, share their problems, and show no interest in knowing about you. Generally, it indicates they have narcissistic personality disorder. It’s a mental health condition in which an individual has an inflated sense of self-importance. While this self-obsessed behavior might seem cute at times, but it’s not a good thing during a first date, as it is to know each other, not to tell about only yourself to the second person. 

5. Badmouthing Their Ex:

Badmouthing or abusing your Ex could be the one of the biggest first date red flags. If your date badmouths their ex or shares personal and other details about them in the first meeting with you, it simply means that they are not a good person. This behavior is unacceptable in any circumstance. 

Your date may think that he/she is wooing you by praising you and putting down his/her ex, but what he/she really is doing is tarnishing his/her own image. Badmouthing about their Ex is not the right way to share their anguish. Instead, they can share their feelings about the past, but abusing ex and bad-mouthing is a big no.

6. Forcing to Make a Sexual Interaction:

Making a physical interaction must be an agreed decision of both persons in a relationship and should never, ever be forced. If your date tries to turn the conversation towards intimacy or starts intimate talks, indirectly talking about having sex. Then, these are signs of dating read flags, as it shows that the person is only interested in fun or just for sex.  It also indicates that he or she doesn’t respect your boundaries and desires. In a good relationship, balancing is crucial. In simple terms, both parties should satisfy their own needs and those of their partner.

7. Equivocate or Lie:

On your first date, if you find that your partner or date has lied about something important, that you asked. Then it’s a clear sign indicating that he/she might be dishonest, untrustworthy, or hiding the truth. Healthy and balancing relationships are based on trustworthiness. Keep in mind that without trust, there is no relationship, so if you find your date lying, it’s one of first date red flags and you shouldn’t go on a second date. 

8. Jealousy or Insecure:

During your conversation with one you are dating, if you find that he/she is being jealous or showing possessiveness on any topic. Moreover, if your female/male friend is calling you at that time and your date shows possessiveness or being jealous, then it is also one of dating red flags. Being jealous or insecure is good but if it’s in limit. Over-limits of jealousy and possessiveness always result in the relationship shifting from a healthy environment to an unhealthy environment. 

It generally adds toxications in a relationship in the future and then makes both parties hurt. We all have jealousy, but there are levels, and we can also learn to manage it. 

Let me tell you that these are just a few. Unfortunately, there could be more first date red flags sign. But, if you are pondering- How can I identify that she/he is a red flag on a first meet? Let’s make it simple. Whenever you go out with someone, write down what you don’t like about that person, as well as what you like. Now, match what you don’t like with the information about red flags that you already have.


Final Verdict!

In conclusion, there are signs that, on a first date can tell you a lot about a person, so be aware of the warning signs before the relationship progresses. This way, you can prevent possible problems and limitations and explore an idea of how the relationship could be and its probability of success. Trust, communication, observation, and behavior play crucial roles in understanding whether to move forward or backward in a relationship. 

Keep in mind that although there could be several  first date red flags indicators that suggest you shouldn’t go on a second date. But, there are also some green flags that indicate positive signs of starting a healthy relationship.  In case you have any further queries, you can follow us on our social media channels for more updates on our latest blogs.