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Hey Love Champions! As part of Cupid’s Crew, your mission is to bring your friends aboard the Datisy ship and earn sweet rewards for each pal who sets sail with us through your special referral link. The more friends you bring, the more treasures you unlock—think discounts, cool features, and maybe even a bit of matchmaking magic. Spread the love, rack up the rewards, and let the good times roll! Ready to build your love crew and score some perks? Apply Now

What is Datisy?

Datisy, your ultimate social matchmaker, is here to empower the world in love, life, and everything in between. Our mission? Rewrite the rules, break outdated norms, and inspire everyone to make awesome moves for good. Join us on a journey where connections flourish and life gets a whole lot more exciting! Apply Now

What do Cupid’s Crew do?

Being part of Cupid’s Crew is all about bringing your buddies to join Datisy. For each friend who signs up through your special link, you score cool stuff – like vouchers, gadgets, even a chance at an iPhone or a trip around the globe! We’re not just about spreading love; we’re into having a blast too. Crew members get money and cool props from us to throw awesome events on campus. Feeling stuck on how to bring in more pals? No sweat! We’ll share some easy ideas to make it a breeze. Join the Crew, share the love, and watch the rewards roll in! Apply Now

What Cupid’s Crew Have to Share!

"My journey with Datisy's program has empowered me to run my own business by building confidence in my professional skills. In every interview, I proudly share how Datisy has shaped my success story."

“Learning to understand and market a brand has been a standout skill for me. The ability to take a company's message and share it with the world has been crucial in my professional growth, and the support from the Datisy community has played a key role in honing this skill."

“The Cupid's Crew Program has been an incredible support, connecting me with inspiring women across the US. Some of these connections have turned into lasting friendships, and it's amazing to witness them making bold moves and achieving great things in their lives."

“The skills and connections I gained as part of Cupid's Crew at Datisy have been priceless for my current job. Being an ambassador and Community Leader equipped me with unique insights, allowing me to approach my dream job from a different perspective and ultimately land the role I aspired to."

“Being a part of Cupid's Crew at Datisy not only enriched my skills and connections but also played a significant role in securing financial support. The unique experiences and opportunities provided by the program contributed to my overall success, including receiving crucial financial assistance. It's been a game-changer for my journey, professionally and financially."

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As part of Cupid's Crew, your role is to spread love and joy on campus! You'll bring friends to join Datisy, and for each buddy who signs up through your referral link, you earn awesome rewards. Get creative and host fun events using the budget and props we provide. It's all about turning your college into a hub of laughter, connections, and, of course, sweet rewards!
We understand your busy college life! Being a Honey is designed to fit into your schedule. The time commitment is flexible, and you can choose how much or little time you invest. Whether you're planning events, sharing your referral link, or just enjoying the fun, you decide how to make your Cupid's Crew experience work for you.
As your own boss in Cupid's Crew, you have the freedom to choose projects that resonate with you and bring more people to join Datisy. Your work might involve:
● Creating engaging social media content showcasing your role as a Honey ambassador.

● Surprising your peers with coffee and merch during finals.
● Hosting monthly events to help your campus connect in real life.
● Spreading buzz on campus by sharing Datisy's mission and values in unique ways.

Additionally, you'll have the chance to pitch your own ideas tailored to your campus and interests.
Being a part of Cupid's Crew is all about earning sweet rewards! While it doesn't come with a traditional salary, you'll unlock fantastic perks for every friend who joins Datisy through your referral link. From vouchers to gadgets, and even the chance for an iPhone or an international trip, the more you spread the love, the more exciting rewards you'll enjoy.
Unfortunately, Cupid's Crew is currently available for those studying in the USA. We're focused on spreading love and creating connections within the United States for now. Stay tuned for any future updates!
Currently, Cupid's Crew is open to those located within the USA. To join the love-filled journey, we're excited to have you right here in the states!
Absolutely! We welcome brand ambassadors from other ventures. It's all about effective time management. If you can juggle your commitments and spread the love with Cupid's Crew, you're more than welcome to join!
Absolutely! Cupid's Crew is all about spreading love in various forms. If you're not flying solo, you and your partner can team up to spread the love and make a dynamic duo in our crew!
Absolutely! Graduate students are more than welcome to join Cupid's Crew. Feel free to bring your colleagues, neighbors, and anyone you think would enjoy the love-filled journey with us!
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